Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Seeing Shadows?

Happy Ground Hog Day! We are not seeing our shadows today here. In the weather or on our faces. Read on....

Frank, as many of you know doesn’t always shave his face on a regular basis. In fact, I’ve not seen his chin since he proposed to me over 6 years ago. First it was a beard (he did at least trim for the wedding photos), now he sports a goatee. Being the hairy guy he is, it grows pretty fast and he often has a shadow, or at least prickles the evening of a morning shave. And then he’ll go for many, many days making us all wonder if he’s going back to the beard…but I digress.

He hadn’t shaved in several days and was feeling straggly on Monday night (honestly, I didn’t even tell him to this time) and so he trimmed up and on Tuesday morning shaved off the over growth. He’s still got the goatee, but he looks all cute again. *gush*

That was yesterday morning.

This morning he still had baby smooth shaved skin…which means that I continue to gush, BUT it also means that the hair is not growing back as fast, or perhaps not at all. Now, I like the smoothness, just like I enjoy seeing him in a suit and tie (oops there I go digressing again) but we know it is only a matter of time and he is not looking forward to being bald.

Here he is this morning in professor mode aka “turtle neck cuteness”—if I’m grossing you out, get over it, I love him alright?

Cute tutleneck boy.... Posted by Hello

And a close up (he’s talking to DC on the phone, the person, not the whole city). (He's also humoring me b/c I've got the camera in his face.)

smooth shave man Posted by Hello

When his hair does begin to fall out he will have it shaved by his barber so that it doesn't look so icky. For me the jury is still out on what color mine will end up being. Althougth many of you think purple, at least 3 or you agree that I have grey hair!!! How could you?=) I did ask friends today if I could borrow their daughter when I go to the hair dresser and say, this color, this is the one I want (a deep beautiful red). Her mom said I was welcome to try, but that she's already asked and been told that particualr shade of red doesn't come in a bottle. I mean come on really! We can put people on the moon, but can't get that shade of red? What is the world coming to? But here I go digressing is one of those days.

As for where hair falls in our time line, I know that when we look back on all this it will seem like it all happened so very, very fast. And it has. His first surgery was not even a month ago (January 5, 2005). The initial diagnosis was only 32 days ago (December 27, 2004). But the minutiae of each day is also precious. I’m taking pictures to remind us of the journey. I’m taking pictures to remind me that one day in the not so distant future he will have his hair back. Ok, maybe it’s more for him than for me; I think he looks cute regardless. I know, I’m gushing again.

So, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning. Frank did not see his in the mirror. So where does that leave us? More winter in some places and hope for warm hats in others. =)

In other news:
Yesterday I called Indiana University (IU) in Indianapolis and made an appointment for early March with Dr. Richard Foster, a urologist who does RPLNDs and similar surgeries all the time. I also spoke w/ Dr. Larry Einhorn’s research nurse. At this time we’ll not make an appointment w/ Dr. Einhorn knowing that Dr. Foster works closely with Dr. E. and will bring him in to consult if necessary. The appointment will be right before round 3 of chemo begins. If there is to be surgery of any kind it will not happen until Frank’s been done with chemo 4-6 weeks. (May or June)

To review the chemo protocol: Every cancer is treated very differently (there are even different regimens to treat TC). Frank is receiving 3 rounds of BEP (Bleomycin, Etoposide, and Cisplatin/Platinol). Each round last 21 days. He will not be getting radiation treatment as his particular tumor type does not respond to radiation.

Of the 21 days of each round, days 1, 8, and 15 (the Mondays) he gets a shot of “B”. Days 1 – 5 he gets “E” and “P”. E & P take 4 – 6 hours to administer in the chemo room at the Dr.’s office. Also on day 8 he gets the 6K shot to boost his white blood cell production.

Round one days 1-5 were long, boring and tiring for both of us. Day 8 was ok. Dr. V predicts that he will start feeling even better towards the end of the cycle, before EP begins again (February 14).

Today is a good day, despite not seeing his shadow =), Frank is feeling remarkably good. He’s taking it easy, not working a full day, but he is working, which helps all of us have a better mental attitude. All in all things could be MUCH worse. We are thankful.

Here's one more picture:

This is me, looking all cute too. Posted by Hello



Anonymous said...

Shadows are one of the things that make it possible to see in 3d. Don't lose sight of them and don't lose sight of your full life, not just your CANCER life. You're doing everything you can to fight cancer (and doing a great job as well as being brave about sharing with all of us). Be sure you are living with cancer not living cancer. Rest assured you are loved!