Thursday, February 10, 2005

All is well

Just because we don't post doesn't mean anything is wrong.

Aside from the bleo reaction on Monday night, this is a good week. We've both been busy working. Frank did shave, not just his goatee, but his head too. I'll post pictures when I have a chance to upload them.

We went to Big MO church for Ash Wednesday services last night. (I missed not having one at our church, one of the many things that I have dropped while in the middle of this strange time.) The liturgy of the ashes is to remember that we are formed from dust and to dust we all shall return. Our prayer last night at the altar together was, "Yes, but not yet."

If you are intersted in a good daily Lenten devotion to be sent to your email go here and sign up.

Peace to you all.