Monday, February 07, 2005

I have got to have one of these!

The trip to chemoland was uneventful today. My blood counts remain adequate, and tumor markers are falling, so good news all around. The hair on my head started falling like London Bridge when I emerged from the shower this morning, so it's off to the barber tomorrow to seal the deal.

The highlight of my day is a post from the TCRC's mailing list. The Gillette Company (UK) and Cancer Research UK have launched a campaign to raise awareness of TC in the UK. They've enlisted the help of several prominent UK celebs (soccer, TV & radio) and created a risque photo of the fellas protecting themselves as if they were defending against a free kick. They've also made a twist on the classic cancer awareness ribbon by adding a head and turning the ribbon into a stick figure:

Brilliant, eh? I have GOT to get one of these pins (they're being given away as a promotion, but I don't know If I would qualify living in the states). As far as I know, they're only available in the UK, but rest assured I am conjuring up all the powers of the net to track one down!


Linda Mary said...

Howdy! Interested to see you had good results with Percocet -- I believe it made me totally nauseus, plugged up and without appetite when I took it for pain after knee replacement. You had none of that? Are you using any other pain meds? Cheers!

Andrew Molenda said...

I want one too! Let us know if you have any luck.