Thursday, May 08, 2008

Four Observed Things

Did you know that dressing your kid in something with Elmo on it and then going to the play ground is the same as tying a piece of meat around a your neck so the dogs will play with you? All the 3 yos there came up and called him "Elmo". Z was oblivious, he didn't know that they weren't looking him in the eye. Me, I felt a bit of embarrassment (see comment re meat/dogs) and indignation: see my kid not his clothes!

Did you know that cheerios are VERY absorbent? After dumping his bowl of cereal with milk on his head this week I was pleasantly surprised that there was no milk in his lap when I got him out of the high chair. The cheerios were very wet and I cleaned them up right away b/c I was dreading scraping the dried ones off every surface they stuck to.

Before the bowl turn:

After the bowl turned:

Did you know that little boys and big boys like to do the same things?


Some days I think Zane wants to be a dentist. I love the smile in his eyes.

Lastly, did you know that where there is a will to climb, not even a Mommy can deny it?

Yesterday, May 7, 2008 Z conquered the ottoman.
I'd call it the Ottoman Empire if it was one of the ottomans you can store stuff. (Thanks H's for the idea) Ours doesn't hold anything except toddlers who climb on top of it. So I'll call it the Ottoman Everest.

He was very, very pleased with himself.

Hope you are able
to play with others w/o having to tie meat around your neck,
to eat and wear cheerios with abandon,
to be who you are, little or big,
to climb all the mountains in your life!