Thursday, February 24, 2005

So you know...

Just so you know: We will be getting out of town Friday and Saturday. A short trip down south to visit my aunt and for Frank to wear his CPA hat for a few hours.

(Translation: there may not be any posts until middle of next week. Remember: "No news is good news." )

We'll be back for church on Sunday morning and geared up for the HUGE BIRTHDAY PARTY at church Sunday night.

It is the coolest concept: instead of fretting over missing someone's birthday throughout the year we come together one day a year and celebrate everyone at the same time. We sit with others who are born in our birth month and share a pot luck meal. Someone from that month decorates the table another brings a cake and yet another volunteers to be part of the evening's grand finale: a talent show. It is always a ton of fun.

Frank seems to think that this is the year that I will be able to keep a steady beat and is trying to talk me into helping him with his talent offering. We'll see. Hey, he's got cancer, he's used to living on the edge, right? Plan on seeing pictures.

Next week is not a "big chemo" week but it is busy.
  • Monday is a CT scan to see how much shrinkage there has been. (Shrink, Shrink, Shrink!)
  • Wednesday is a appointment with a dermatologist, Frank's got a mole on his back that I've been watching and pointed out to Dr. V who is sending him to the dermatologist (a Dr. De.) for a consult. It is probably nothing, but when you getting "free" medical care, what they hey, right? ("Free" as in met his deductible for the year already.)
  • Thursday we'll head to Indianapolis for the consult w/ Dr. Foster at IU. The appointment is on Friday morning.
Know that I've debated about sharing our out of town dates, but I figure there are enough people who keep an eye on our house on a normal basis that anyone would be silly to try to take on the watchful eyes of our precious community while we were out of town. The official Neighborhood Watch program pales in comparison to you folks!

Thank you for your continued prayers and good thoughts. It makes a difference. We are so incredibly blessed.

Peace, the Rev.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see a picture of Frank wearing his 'CPA' hat. Thanks for making the trip to help Chi. I hope it is not too tiring....surely you will also visit Craig and others. Have fun. CSE