Sunday, February 20, 2005

Thank you, Gillette!

There's an old saying that nothing is impossible for the person who doesn't have to do it himself. The powers of the internet have come through with flying colors, and I am the proud recipient of a box of Gillette Blueboy badges, courtesy of some very nice PR folks in the UK.

This is the box of blue boys he got in the mail on Friday. Posted by Hello
I handed out several to the chemo nurses and docs, as well as to folks at church and some online friends who asked nicely. I'll be sending some out to family members next week.

Again, I wish our American puritanical prude factor wasn't so high, otherwise we could have a PR campaign like this here in the states. But in the meantime, I would wager there are less than 200 of these suckers circulating in the US, and 50 of them have issued from my grubby little paws. Can you feel the power? Are you impressed? I've even gotten some contributions for the pins, which I will try to funnel back to Cancer Research UK, if the power of the 'net permits (they do have an online donation page).

The funniest thing about these badges is that they come with a little foldout with some drawings of how to perform a self-check of the boys. Not safe for work or for the kids!


Marjorie Taylor said...

Hi...Just wanted to say how jealous I am that you received your blueboys! I also requested one for Mitch (and me, of course). Hopefully I'll get them in the mail before long. I follow your website, just to check and see how you both are doing. Mitch is doing great! Has some bleomycin on steriods for a couple of months, but no shortness of breath to speak of. His scan was clean! Miracles do happen!!! Keep up the good work we are all cheering you on!! Marj Taylor (Mitch's mom).