Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Had a follow-up with Dr. D (the urologist) today. I thought he would at least want to look at my incision and say "Damn! I do good work!" But he just wanted to make sure he was up to speed on things. He had an intern with him (nice guy) and I handed out a couple of Blueboys to them. I told him about my upcoming visit to IU and he was all in favor of getting a second opinion, an then even a third opinion if it was necessary to break a tie. He'll see me again in six months.

Tuesday, R2D9, Frank and Dr. D, both sporting their blue boys pin. Yes, Tim the Enchanter hat was worn all day...see Frank's post regarding Hippa and how even with the silly hat they didn't require id to pick up his films! Posted by Hello

Just as a recap, Dr. V. (oncologist) wants lymph node surgery to happen after chemo, period. Dr. D. (urologist) says it depends on what things look like on the followup CTs - if things have shrunk down significantly, there may be nothing worth removing at that point and I can go on a surveillance schedule (if things start to grow again, then we cut). The consultation at IU is with a urologist, but he'll be talking with their oncology folks as well. Suffice it to say there should be plenty of opinions to go around after we get back from Indianapolis. I think I'm leaning toward Dr. D's position at this point - why operate unless really necessary? (As he so eloquently put it, "Sure, I can go in and take out some snot, but right now, I'm thinking that's all it's going to be - snot.")

After the office visit, since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped by the hospital to get my films (CT and ultrasound) and pathology slides to take to IU. Not once was I asked for any form of ID. I just said who I was and what I wanted, and apparently that was good enough. (I did have to promise on my honor that I would hand deliver the films back to the hospital as soon as we get back from IU.) Convenient in some sense, a bit unnerving in another.

I decided to wear Tim the Enchanter all day just because I could. I got plenty of looks and comments, including one couple at the grocery store who were a bit horrified.

Tim again.... Posted by Hello
One of them was Russian and told Sarah that it was a sign that I was cuckolded (i.e., the victim of an unfaithful wife). It's a bit similar to the minor episode that erupted in the news after Dubya's "Hook 'em Horns" hand gesture to the Texas Longhorn marching band during the inauguration parade was widely misinterpreted around the world. Too funny.

Did a little work at the office, then came home to meet someone to shoot me up with the Neulasta. By the way, I have my own little used sharps container in the bathroom now. It doesn't really fit in with the rest of the decor, to speak the plain truth.

I think I may have overdone it today. We'll see tomorrow.


Andrew Molenda said...

I would e-mail Doug Bank, he's the guy who runs the TCRC website and can give you some good advice. If I were you I would push to get an appointment with Dr. Einhorn while you are at IU, his schedule is tight and it may not be possible.