Monday, February 21, 2005

A bit of a bummer

Cycle 2 week 2 is underway.

Monday Feb. 21, round 2 day 8, Presidents Day and Uncle Sam hat. In this close up you can kinda see what I this is bleo stains around his mouth. He was feeling much better this day that on the previous Friday. And it was before we got the following news. Posted by Hello

Blood work looks good, except for my white counts which are running a bit low, as expected. The Neulasta shot comes via Fedex tomorrow, so that should take care of that. Saw Dr. V. for a brief visit and he told me that he's decided to hit me with four rounds of chemo instead of three. Joy. It's mostly because my AFP levels were so atrociously high early on, even though they've fallen off nicely since then.

He also mentioned (sort of tongue-in-cheek) that since I have a consultation with the TC gurus at Indiana U. next week he didn't want them to think my local care team were a bunch of brainless idiots (I secretly wondered if the extra round of chemo wasn't payback for me brownbagging my Neulasta shots).

All this is to say that Easter Sunday will not mark the end of chemotherapy - it will continue for an additional three weeks (until mid April - right around tax time, another appropriate calendar marker).

Other than that, we managed to avoid any Bleomycin side effects this time by keeping me pumped up with Tylenol and Benadryl, plus plenty of fluids. I think I may getting into a rhythm here (a frightening thought)...

At home the afternoon of R2D8, sans hat. Posted by Hello

Yes, we are dancing. Before dinner Monday night (R2D8) we are jamming to our new favorite CD the Duhks. Posted by Hello
And honestly, many of you will have a hard time beliveing it, but we dug them before we saw this.
The song we are dancing to is: "Death Came a Knockin'"