Monday, February 14, 2005

Round Two Day One

It is amazing how tired one can feel after waiting. That is what we did today, wait. (I know if I don't blog there will be worried ones of you out there so, for you I type) After eating dinner tonight and then planting myself in front of the TV for a few moments weariness eased into my bones. I sat to long today hunched over this computer! But I did get some work done. Perhaps a bubble bath is in my future? Frank just brought me some Sparky's Cake Batter Ice Cream, the day is really looking up!

Frank is doing well. I asked at dinner (over candlelight no less!, well it is Valentines Day) what kind of day it was (on a scale of 1-10) he reports it is a 6. He seems to be feeling better than he did this time last Monday even though today was long. We were there at 8:30am, but the poison didn't start dripping until after he met with Dr. V just before noon. At least he had the hour or so of saline dripping during the morning…. Tomorrow we arrive at 8:30 and it should all go quicker.

Dr. V is pleased with the way Frank's tumor markers are falling. He speculates that when the next CT scan is done (Feb 28) the mass will be 2X2 shrunk down from 6X10. He's just guessing, but all signs point to shrinkage! He is also supportive of the trip will are making to Indiana for the second opinion regarding the RPLND.

In other news, in the vein of keeping sane…. (Some of you may question our sanity, but each person holds on to it the only way they know how.) Thank you to all who voted in the chapeau quiz over the weekend. Despite reported ballot stuffing for "Tim the Enchanter" (ballot stuffers remember: cheaters never win and winners never cheat), the Pharaoh hat won out by 3 votes as we left this morning for chemo. (There was a different poll several days ago, more on the results of that tomorrow.)

This morning as we walked into the cancer box (the building where we go looks like a box, it is gray and white on the outside) a part of me remembered what it felt like being in the band: a bit giddy and excited, whilst brining the gift of music and costume to those who didn’t know they wanted it and weren’t sure what had hit them when we finished. It is hard to describe for those not in the band. It falls somewhere in the balance between embarrassment and thrill and fun and being fully alive.

What is so interesting is the number of people who DON'T say a word when a man walks into a building wearing a blue and gold lamé hat w/ a green cobra on top. Maybe that is the difference between Atlanta GA and mid Missouri? Perhaps some think that people with cancer should act more serious? (Not in Frank’s nature, nor mine I guess.) Tomorrow may push some of them to speak as he will don Tim the Enchanter, with gold lamé horns. And if tomorrow doesn't do it he will wear them down because we have a HUGE collection of head coverings.....I KNEW keeping my band costumes was a good idea.

For the record, many people DID enjoy it and the nurses of course know that he's a fun guy to mess around with. Dr. V said, "You're a nut." I should have asked if that makes up for him losing one....(DID *I* just say that? e-gads!)

Because you are all anxious to see it on him, here's today’s chapeau picture:

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Round Two Day One: the Pharaoh and his Nurse...

And in this one notice his scepter (aka an IV poll).

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Do you have a saline scepter?

He became quite a vision when he chilled over and needed the quilt. (Warning, you may need to wear sun glasses to view this picture.)

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The Pharaoh, the scepter, and the quilt, you'd obey this man's orders wouldn't you?

Thank you for all the ways that you are supporting us. We can definitely feel the power of the thoughts and prayers you are sending our way. We are so grateful. Blessings to you all.

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Peace, Sarah


SueBec said...

Now, I "understand" that in the band, matching wasn't always critical or hoped for... but plaid button down with blue and gold lame... I don't know... I just don't know.

Anonymous said...

I remember that the picture with the poll showed the model with bare chest,(i.e. no clothes, no hair) as well as eye shadow, etc. Did I not get my money's worth? Perhaps you are more conventional that you want to be. I remember now you are sick, not up to par, etc., etc. cse

Anonymous said...

Looks like the other members of my family are nothing but critics. One's a fashion coordination or "fashionnista" and the other may be a DOW. If you want to mix plaids and strips go right ahead. That being said may I offer a warning. With the headgear and the fashion "fox-paws" and remembering it is mid MO and not Hotlanta, question any consult that they direct you to lest it be to the nearest mental helath professional......You know who....