Thursday, February 03, 2005

This morning we woke to lots of fog. This is my favorite tree in our yard. Looks like arms spread wide in joy, even in the grey mist! Hope you all have a good day.  Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Great picture Sarah.....Your Father

Frank, I hope you are keeping up the spirt.

As I have said before "keep on keepin on" or KOKO

Travis said...

Just remember every day is a good day, just some are better than others! Great blog I got the link from Andrews blog. I to am a TC survivor--Dr. Foster is the greatest! He did my RPLND in August.once again good luck and your in our thoughts and prayers

Stephanie D said...

Frank & Sarah,
We're thinking about you, and Adele sends her best wishes. (I haven't decided whether or not to tell her about the box of ball story - although I'm sure she would giggle.) We miss you in Chorale.