Saturday, February 05, 2005

That was smart...

Sometimes you just need to see how far is too far. Well, now I know.

Friday was the end of Cycle 1, Week 2 of chemo. I had a lot of things I wanted to get accomplished at the office, so I worked nearly a full day (8 - 3:30). We had made plans to have dinner and spend the evening with some friends and their kids so we drove 1/2 an hour to meet them, had an early dinner, then went back to their place for a while. We ate dessert, played with their almost-4-year-old son and doted on their 3-month-old daughter, stayed for bathtime and bedtime, then had some "grown-up" time with our friends. We didn't wind up leaving until 10 PM. I think being engaged with the kids (we got to play "Mousetrap"!) helped to keep me from realizing I was tired - Sarah actually started turning into a pumpkin first.

Well, I paid for it Saturday. I was wiped out and useless the entire day, and my hips and legs were sore to boot. Thank God for Percocet! I did manage to accompany Sarah on a grocery run as well as a trip to our local exotic International grocery (the web site is for their Champaign, IL location) before giving up for the day.

Lesson learned: sometimes you need to know when to say when.