Sunday, January 30, 2005

a poll


Anonymous said...

Pink or purple hair will blend well with some of the beloved "blue-hairs" at church. For the record, some of those "blue-hairs" are the coolest folks around if you get past the generational gap.

Naps and drugs are your friends, Frank. Take any drug they offer, and sleep all you want.

You do have an awesome church who wants to take care of you and help you through this. Those "blue hairs" cook and knit well - like stocking caps for that cold head. Take advantage of their help.

Thank you for being brave and open enough to share this carppy journey with the rest of us. I'm too far away to do much but pray, but know I am doing that.

Marcy aka mutigr97 - a MLGUMC "has-been"

Stephen said...

How about coloring Vinny's hair. Groucho used grease paint for his mustache. How about using greasepaint for Vinny's hair? Think of all the styles! Vinny, you could part your hair any which way...even do a comb over,or go sans hair....Hair today, Gone tommorrow.

Anonymous said...

What about orange? I hear it is the new purple. Love Stephen's idea, let Frank do the heavy lifting on the hair thing.