Monday, January 24, 2005

Pictures from round one day one

Bright and early Chemo round 1 day one, 7:45am. Posted by Hello

Gracie takes Frank's vitals.

Port a cath w/ dangle-bob, works like a charm.
It can be left in overnight so he doesn't have to be restuck the next day.
It has to be taken off if he wants to shower. Posted by Hello

Dr. V, hemotologist and oncologist, cyclist, Lance Armstong fan.
The man who is leading the team to bring Frank back to life.
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Frank is winking, not wincing in pain, and eating lunch.
The pump is giving him some saline. Posted by Hello

This is what platinum looks like in liquid form.
I couldn't see it, but we are told it was in the bag. Posted by Hello