Saturday, January 22, 2005

Bills, bills, bills!

Got the first benefit statement from the insurance company - the urologist's surgery fees. The "contracted amount" was $514.61, compared to the "full price" of $1,815. (Who actually pays the full price in the real world? I gotta know.)

Still plenty of things to come on the bill front:

- hospital fees
- anesthesiologist fees
- pre-surgery ultrasound

Not to mention the CT scan and the fees for implanting the port-a-cath.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys....I just wanted to say how cool I think it is that you are doing this- it allows me to check up on you even though I'm away at school. Here's a toast to you, Vinny and Sarah, you guys are so amazing! Praying all the way from Kville, Danielle :)

Alex Innecco said...

I am just so absolutely proud of my friends facing this as openly as you are!!!!! Come to think of it, I wouldn't expect anything different from you!!! Best wishes!

midmomom said...

Abraham bought himself a fancy new computer. He was showing it to Isaac one day. "Look at all the wonderful programs it has on it. And look at all the neat things it can do..."
Isaac was impressed, but a little concerned..."But dad, I don't think your computer has enough memory."
Abraham said "Don't worry son; the Lord will provide the RAM."

Laughter is good medicine...........more to come