Monday, January 17, 2005

The Calm Before the Storm

We just returned from some extended R&R at Southmoreland, our favorite Kansas City getaway, located just a stone's throw from Country Club Plaza. Not only was it our anniversary weekend (our 6th), but with MLK day we decided to take an opportunity to relax before all hell breaks loose (port-a-cath on Tuesday, start of chemo next Monday). Mark Reichle and Nancy Miller were once again gracious hosts and fabulous cooks (we stayed there last year for our 5th anniversary).

We spent our first two nights in the Mary Atkins room, which is nestled in an upstairs nook of this grand house. With the tempuratures dipping into the single digits, we decided not to take advantage of the outside deck.

On Sunday (our anniversary) we stayed in the August Meyer room, with its own jacuzzi tub. It was a great way to end our time away.

The weekend was supposed to be something like "Let the Good Times Roll" but it quickly morphed into "Let's eat as much as we possibly can without making ourselves sick." Damn the credit cards, full steam ahead! I'm setting up a separate category in Quicken for cancer-related expenses (non medical ones, that is).