Thursday, January 20, 2005

Are You People Just Messin' With Me?

Apparently I said and did quite a few things in the aftermath of having my port-a-cath put in that I have absolutely no memory of. I know I was given an amnesiac with my sedatives, but it's a bit frightening to hear all these things I allegedly did, including:
  • Help move myself from the operating table to the gurney after the procedure
  • Have a chest X-ray done and comment that the plate was cold
  • Put my pants on backwards, then take them off in front of everyone in the recovery room before replacing them
  • Gave a nurse a recipe for a frozen drink called Bourbolicious
I have denied all knowledge of these activities, despite the fact that Sarah observed them first hand (except the moving myself off the operating table). It's a plot to make me think I've gone crazy.


SueBec said...

You best not tell the Rev. Muth-er you gave away the recipe...

Anonymous said...

Drugs are your friend - any drug they offer!