Thursday, April 06, 2006

Woods. Again? Yes.

So, we’re not out of the woods.

Remember back in April 05 when we were surprised to hear that Frank had a dot on his lung that was “unchanged” and we didn’t even know he had one to change? At the time the doctors determined it was probably nothing, but vowed to keep an eye on it; if it changed then they’d do something about it.

Well, Frank went yesterday for his 4 month CT/blood work check up. Good news: tumor markers are not, I repeat are not elevated. However, said dot has grown from .9 to 1.35 cm. As far as Dr. V is concerned that is in the wrong direction. So, it will come out; how is yet to be determined. (When will that Star Trek technology be made real so they can just “transport” the bad stuff out?)

Frank has a PET scan (Positron emission tomography scan) on Friday afternoon to determine if there is anything else in his chest that needs to be addressed while the surgeon is inside him. Monday morning we will go see Dr. V (the oncologist) and Wednesday we will go to visit a thoracic (meaning related to the chest) surgeon here in town to inquire about the surgery (when, how extensive, do we need a 2nd opinion?).

In other words in the midst of other big huge life plans: Frank has re-entered “the zone”. It’s that place where he finds out as much information as he can about the options available to him and he sets the course for treatment to cure. (He’s even looked up the different types of surgery this may require—because as my mom said, he needs to know so he can let the doctors know what they should do.)

When in the zone Frank is determined and focused. When he’s there I try real hard not to “spin” or go into “hover craft mode”. Wish me luck. The surgery (because he’s shared with me too the information, because there is a part of me that will want to be in the OR helping) could be as simple as a few incisions, done in laparoscopic fashion called video-assisted thoracic surgery, or he could have an incision from his arm pit to his waist line. Either procedure means a stay in the hospital from a few days to over a week. BUT, do need to say that this information is not based upon my discussion with any surgeon, just what Frank is finding out in "the zone" and relaying to me.

All I have left to say is: I’m gonna be really happy when he stops this habit of collecting scars! This silly competition with my mom has GOT TO STOP.

The Rev.


Anonymous said...

(Boy, it's taken me all this time to figure out how to post a comment).

Hi Frank,

I'll be thinking of you in the days to come and sending lots of prayers, white light, energy, and good thoughts your way. Surely that combination can only help! I hope everything is okay and you only ad a small, insignificant scar to your collection... ks

Kristine Stocker