Thursday, April 20, 2006

Regarding Frank’s Upcoming Surgery

First, thank to all who have offered or thought about offering to sit with me during his surgery at a local hospital. For the record, his dad Todd and my mom will both be here to keep me from climbing the walls. I won’t be by myself (which would be ok too—I don’t mind being by myself--even at times like this) and hey, I’ll have the bonus of being entertained by two young acting “old people.” (They are both over 60!)

Seriously, having spent time in many waiting rooms with families myself as a clergy person I recognize that there is a “critical mass” of people that can be present and I think that the three of us will be plenty.

You can best help me by keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. I promise that I or one of my minions will post on the blog as soon as we know something so that you can know just about as fast as I will know and possibly faster than Frank will “know” how his surgery turned out.

This is not a big deal, preventive and all will be ok. Just another hill to climb on the rollercoaster of life.

Now follow me:
Throw up your hands, yes, right now where you are sitting ...
hear the click/click/click of the car as is climbs the track? …
Anticipation’s building…were’ close to the top ….
Now hang on and scream
The Rev.


Anonymous said...

Of course, even if you were "alone," you wouldn't really be alone. I bet your Boss (the Creator) would (still) be right there with you!