Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I took an opportunity over lunch to buzz to the hospital to see Frank with my own eyes. He is indeed doing well. Currently sleeping the sleep of the well medicated.

He did, however, quickly ask the assembled to scram so he could rest. In fact, he asks that folks hold off on visiting.

In lieu of visiting, considering posting a comment here and I will print it off for him.


Anonymous said...

We were so glad to hear that things went well, and that they were able to use the less invasive procedure. You were in our thoughts all day. To encourage a speedy recovery, we have arranged for Boonslick Chordbusters to come with a singing telegram as soon as you are up to it! Enjoy!!

Cox family

Anonymous said...

This comment is for my pastor and Vinny.....
Myself and another brave lad have been doing exstensive research into
ways to eliminate allergy symptoms temporarily. Research indicates that diet can be effective in opening the sinuses. Our research proves that eating massive quantities of horse radish mustard, drinking jalepeno juice, and mixing "Daves" insanity sauce with your ice cream all help to give a sense of breath-ability to your head. Of course, you won't worry about breathing(or not) after that. That's the beauty of this plan.
Semi-seriously, you two know that their are folks who would eat rocks and nails if it would help in the recovery process. What was that movie from long ago? Where they shrunk a medical team and injected them into a guy's body to find out what was wrong with him and to fix it. And no, it wasn't "Honey I Shrank The Kids". The clock cannot tick before my thoughts are with you again.........