Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Plan

Met with surgeon today. It’s a go for April 26 at a local hospital. Lung spot of ~1 cm will be removed. Dr. will attempt VATS but will open him up more if the situation calls for it. If it is VATS, Frank will be in the hospital 2-3 days, if opened up all the way it could be up to a week in the care of nurses. I’ll make sure to request he has male ones that pull bandages off slowly so he won’t get used to the 24/7 treatment.

He has a lung volume test this Friday and pre-op stuff next week.

Now if anyone has answers to how to deal better with allergy season in Missouri – I’ve been doing it for over – choke – 35 years and still haven’t found anything that works besides going into a benadryll coma for a few months….

Keep his sister, preggers w/ triplets, in your prayers. She been confined to a hospital room for the duration of her pregnancy—it could be a few days or a few weeks….I get to be an Auntie soon!

Tis all for now.

The Rev.