Tuesday, May 31, 2005

One more thing...

The Rev just called with a funny (already a funny from this surgery...)

In Vinny's pre-op paperwork there were two questions that he spent some time answering...

Question One: Who may make medical decisions on your behalf? Easy... The Rev.

Question Two: Who may not make medical decision on your behalf? Initially he left it blank. I'm thinking that he figured my seester would take care of him, not allowing decisions to be made willy nilly. She suggested he think a bit more.

His answer to Question Two:
The Congress of the United States of America and/or George W. Bush

The doc overseeing this portion of the day thought it was so funny he took the paperwork to his supervisor. Because apparently the actual paperwork makes it better than just sharing the story.

I just hope that the good folks at IU know what they got into by agreeing to do his surgery :)


Andrew Molenda said...

I love it! Frank's sense of humor is a great coping mechanism.

Good to hear that the surgery went well and that his kidney was spared.

Two weeks till I'm in Indy under the care of Dr. F.