Tuesday, May 31, 2005

And the verdict...

He's keeping his kidney, folks!

Just got the call from seester... the details as I understand them:
  1. Surgery lasted about 1.5 hours
  2. Dr. F believes that the tumor that remained was mostly teratoma (the pre-cancerous cells that could cause a flare-up if left in his body)
  3. The kidney wasn't involved so he won't have an odd tilt to his body... at least because of losing a redundant organ
  4. While they had Frank where they wanted him, the surgeon poked around to check things out and they look fine

If you go to the American Cancer Society's page, here, you can learn more than you probably wanted to about teratoma. Lab results will be back probably on Thursday. This will confirm Dr. F's assessment and I would imagine give information as to what type of teratoma. As I get updates, I'll pass them along. And, if it is teratoma, it means that there isn't cancer... THIS IS VERY GOOD NEWS.

Now, for an abuse of power...we had a great weekend visiting the rents, combining friends and family. One of my favorite things was going to Shakespeare in the Park... The Tempest.


mary marrera said...

Just read the news that Frank's
surgery went well........see all them thoughts and prayers really do help.....that's THE greatest news yet....thank God.......
I surely know your recovery will be just the same....bye for now
Mary Lou and Ralph , too!!!