Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Insanity as Diversion...

Last night I called seester to see how things were going, doing the whole checkin' in thing. She answered the phone with, "Hey, we're in the process of getting lost... here's mom, she'll make you laugh".


So mamacita gets on the phone, "We're not getting lost, we are lost" (chuckles from The Dad heard in the background) "We're trying to find a KMart and your sister refuses to stop and ask someone. I mean, we keep passing people that I think look like KMart shoppers, but will she stop? Nooooooooo." (more chuckles and muffled speech from The Mom and The Dad, apparently in the back seat... oh, by the way, these are Vinny's parental units). My mamacita continues, "The Dad noticed that there were quite a lot of cops in the park we just drove through but your sister wouldn't stop to ask them either......... well, The Mom did notice that there were several people in handcuffs next to the cars so that was probably best."

So here I am 6 hours by car and 2 hours by plane from my seester who has apparently been kidnapped by well intentioned retirees. I've decided that they are using insanity as a way to keep my sister's mind off of Vinny's healing process...

Did they find KMart you ask? Yes, the last words I heard before my mom hung up on me were, "There it is... look every day items are 70% off today!"

Attention KMart shoppers, insanity is currently on bluelight special.

Oh and they did mention that Frank seems to be doing well.