Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A new way to amuse myself

You're thinking, "That can't be too hard", right? I've started getting tinges of neuropathy in my shins and feet. Funny thing is, it only seems to make its presence known when I suddenly jerk my head downward (as if I were trying to catch a glimpse of a bug landing on my chest). Weird. Not really a party trick, because nobody else knows that it's happening. Oh well. It may help to keep me occupied on the long drive to Indianaoplis at the end of the month.

In the non-cancer diversions area, I found out recently that a CD that Sarah and I provided some backup vocals for has been released. A friend of ours from Columbia Chorale who is an ER doctor got his undergrad in music theory/compositon and composed a bunch of songs that are chock full of advice for docs dealing with tough ER cases (disclaimer: the songs are meant solely for entertainment, not as a substitute for medical training and experience) . The musical styles are widely varied, from comic opera to Southern rock to rap to punk. Here's an example of the lyrics. This is from a song entitled "Difficult Airway" (Sarah and I and some of our friends provide the background voices):

When I intubate I like the “Mac Daddy” number three
I do it the way they trained me to in residency
Preoxygenate, medicate and slip ‘em the plastic
But before I get too spastic, I think about the
Difficult airway—every time
Difficult airway—I think of this rhyme
Difficult airway—one, two, three,
I think about anatomy

© 2003 Brain Warm-ups Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved.

Anyway, it's pretty entertaining, especially for nerds like us. Check out Brain Warm-ups for more lyrics. You can hear samples of several tracks at Cd Baby - try before you buy! Order one for the doctor or budding med student in your life.