Monday, May 23, 2005

The Mighty Methodists of Mid-Missouri

The Mighty Methodists of Mid-Missouri walked in the 2005 RAIN's Salute to Life Walk on Saturday May 21, 2005. (RAIN: Regional Aids Interfaith Network)

Twelve people joined team leader Rev. Eric for the walk through the streets of downtown Columbia. Posted by Hello
Each walker carried a flag representing someone in Mid-Missouri who has AIDS.
Five churches from Columbia were represented. We raised $300 for RAIN.

the Rev w/ her seester and Rev. Eric's daughter, THE RED HEAD Posted by Hello

Frank wanted to be like the RED HEAD, but only on his terms. So, he too sat in our laps. Posted by Hello

This may be an after lunch digestion inspection or some strange ritual between Frank and this exquisite one. Posted by Hello