Saturday, May 14, 2005

A picture is worth a thousand words

Fair warning: For those of you with squeamish constitutions, you may wish to leave the internet now.

I had my latest CT scan yesterday (Friday the 13th). The stupid hive popped up on my forehead again after getting the iodine drip, but no problems other than that. There has been some more shrinkage, however slight, but the growth is still pretty big. The lymph node/tumor is presently 4x3x9 cm, which is down from the 5x4x10 cm it was measured to be back in February (it started out as 6x5x10 cm). It's still heavily involved with the renal vein, so losing a kidney is still a distinct possibility when surgery happens at the end of the month.

Had some bloodwork done up in the chemo room, so I got to say hi to my posse of nurses. They've been livening up the place a bit since I was last there - they now have a variety of "over the counter" medications hanging on the IV poles with cannulas (or cannulae if you want to use prim and proper English) leading out of them. Some of the bottles they have hanging include STP Oil Treatment, Wild Turkey, and Viagra. It was pretty quiet other than that.

I decided to post some of the CT images, mainly because I can. I don't have any weird feelings about posting my insides online, although Sarah doesn't necessarily share that sentiment. Again, fair warning for those of you grossed out by seeing someone else's insides (in black and white 2D images).