Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Indy is a beautiful town

Eureka! I've found an internet connection in the bowels of the basement of the IU hospital. After all the planning and bringing the lap top, wireless seems to be nonexistent in the places we've been (or cared to be) over the last two days.

Gosh, has it only been two days? Maybe tomorrow I'll feel like going to IU library and seeing if they have wireless.....

Frank *is* doing very well. The adventure to K-Mart last night was to get 100% grape cranberry juice. We succeeded and managed only to see two groups of police cars w/ lights flashing, talking and whatnot to the locals. (However at lunch today Mom and I watched a guy get handcuffed and searched. I said, 'Wow, I hope this isn't a trend.' She said, 'I see this sort of thing all the time.' Where has this woman been hanging out???? ;-) )

Frank's parents headed home this afternoon. It was very good to have them here. He/I/We love them so much.

He has been up in the chair twice today and took a lap around the floor. While *I* am able to transverse the bowels of the basement of the hospital, his bowels alas are not moving yet. That will be the key to him getting to leave the hospital. Tomorrow (Thursday) will be a big day as the dressing and all tubes will be removed, allowing him to move about the cabin--er hospital room--at will. If you are inclined to pray, you may feel free to pray that he will fart freely. Did I just say that? It doesn't need to go on the church prayer chain or anything, but you all know what I mean, right?

Dr. F will be by to see Frank later this afternoon. As soon as I finish here I'll go back up to the room. If you are able, please send him an email through the hospital’s site (I can't print anything). It is not too painful to register and he'd love the mail.

As for the city: The night before surgery he and I took a walk to Canal at the White River State Park that is down town. Think RiverWalk in San Antonio, but w/o all the commercial gee-gaw and restaurants. It is very nice. The last time we were here it was the middle of chemo and winter. It seemed like a dark, dingy town. With leaves on the trees and the streets not black from the cinders having been laid down for cars to drive in the ice/snow, it is a pretty town. Maybe we might comeback just to look at all the public art!

Please keep my friend Lynne in your prayers, her father has cancer and only a few more days of life left. She and family are traveling cross country.

Thanks seester for all you are doing for us.

Peace, The Rev.


Travis said...

Great news! My wife and I enjoyed our "vacation" to Indy as well. A pillow across the belly helps for weeks later and drugs are your friend. You are in our thoughts and prayers...