Thursday, August 11, 2005


As of Tuesday August 9 Frank no longer has to take COUMADIN®, the formal name for the rat poison (seriously) that he's taken to keep his blood flowin' through the port a catheter. The 15 minute procedure went fine although we were at the hospital for 3 1/2 hours. Someone referred to it as entering the "hospital time zone". I was unselfish enough to wish out loud that I hoped that the person his surgeon was working on before Frank was ok, since it WAS taking so long and all. I also recognize how big it is of me to recognize exactly how "unselfish" I was being as I said it.

Sarcasm can bite, can't it? Seriously, I'm so worn from being in medical situations with him. Not that I wouldn't go to a thousand more with him, and then a thousand more after that if he needed me to. Being willing to go and liking it are two totally different things. I think my impatience is a result of having successfully moved past what has happened and focusing on what the future holds. Did I mention that I'm wearing sun-glasses as I type?

Life is returning to "normal". Frank is working mostly full days and feeling good energy wise. He's grateful for the anti-neuropathy drug that he can take that makes the constant tingle sensation in his extremities calm down enough for him to be able to sleep. He's decided to keep his hair on the shorter side. At least he's said he wants to, if so the boy needs to get a hair cut. (love you dear) I treat him like this even after the trauma I felt as he was loosing it, boy he's lucky isn't he? ;-)

We're talking about maybe doing a mission trip in the future; by his own admission it may be next summer or fall before he's ready to tackle something like that.

In the mean time he's helping me find a vacation spot where a girl friend and I can escape to at the end of January. As I wondered if my cell phone would work, say in Mexico, he instructed me that I will be leaving my cell phone behind. He rarely makes any kind of ultimatum, so I guess I will have a few days w/out my little silver life-line to the rest of the world.

As Emily Saliers says in the song, Get out the Map, “I'm gonna clear my head I'm gonna drink the sun” Mexico here I come. I did add that last bit.

You’d think with the heat around here of late (it’s only 96 degrees outside right now) that I’d be making plans to visit a cooler climate…

Thanks for checking in on us.

The Rev.


mary l marrera said...

as i was reading your note i was thinking exactly the same thing, YOU NEED A VACATION!!!!!!! AWAY FROM EVERTHING AND EVERYBODY!! just clear your mind of everything and go on to a normal happy life, you know the way it use to be before this all started.......our thoughts and prays are with you two always...the courage both of you shown is unsermonable!! i dont know if i could be that strong...altho i too have overcome some strange stuff lately...I had what they call labyintitis, a virus in your ears that throws off you equalibrium..i could not walk by myself for nearly 4 days and couldnt open my eyes for 2...its been a month now and slow but sure everything is coming back to normal. i walked like a drunk would walk for a while, what a terrible thing..i would take back surgery any day of the week compared to this..and a week before that we were in a car accident, we were the 3rd car in a three car accident and i was jerked back and forth thus i have a neck strain, but more important is that my implant and screws that are placed in my back are good, no great the md says.....God doesnt give you any more then you could handle and i AM getting thru it all.right now im in theapy for the neck..and its starting to feel better thats it for start making your reservations and start living all over again.....good luck...Mary Lou and Ralph