Friday, August 26, 2005

It's not fair

But who said life was fair?

Why do some guys get testicular cancer and others don't? Some folks have told me it's not fair that I got TC, especially after other troubles I have experienced during my life (mainly, losing both of my birth parents in an auto accident when I was 19 - almost 16 years ago). Others caveat the"it's not fair" bit with a well-meant, but unhelpful, platitude like "God won't give you anything you can't handle".

Taking it a bit further, why do some guys with TC sail right through treatment as I did (relatively speaking, mind you - there were certainly times when I didn't feel like I was "sailing") while Andrew, who has a particularly nasty variant of TC called extragonadal germ cell cancer, has gone through chemo (twice!), lost his prostate gland, lost his bladder, gone through radiation therapy and neutron beam therapy (seriously!) and will still in all likelihood not live to see his 35th birthday? I honestly don't how I would deal with a terminal diagnosis myself, much less explain the situation to three young children.

It's times like these that can lead one to doubt one's faith. I know I would if I were in the same situation, and I'm an amateur theologian! :) I just want to know, "Why?" The answers are never easy to comprehend, but I think the mystery is part of what makes life worth living.

Andrew has been a fighter for the last two years and has been an inspiration for me as I went through my TC experience. I am quite sure sure that he won't stop fighting now and will continue to enjoy life to the full.

Livestrong, Andrew.


uniballer said...

lets see how i can leave a comment, never done this before. im a TC survivor and ill comment after i figure out how to.

Andrew Molenda said...

I don't ask why anymore, I just focus on every day of life. This truly has been the hardest thing I have faced. The fact that I have been able to inspire fellow survivors and demonstrate how much strength it takes to be a survivor is satisfaction enough.