Monday, April 07, 2008

Should this make me proud?

So Z's down for a nap. (Reality check: he's in his crib settling in for a much needed nap and I'm ignoring his pleas for release from his prison cell, but I digress).

I found this quiz via one of the blogs I enjoy reading: Company Logos Brand Test. I got 13 of 15 questions correct.
On one hand it means I'm observant of minutiae, things that others may miss or don't give a hoot about.
On the other hand it means I'm throughly immersed in our advertisement driven economy.
That is something I don't is all that great.
That being said however, the competitive part of me wants to know, how well did you do on it?


Anonymous said...

14 out of 15... I didn't know the last one. Probably would if I had tons of time under my belt in Atlanta.


The Mom said...

14 out of 15 -- I missed the liquor based one. Guess I ought to drink more....

Anonymous said...

I got 12 you win. Or. does that mean you LOSE??

Anonymous said...

7 out of 15....But I don't really care. Some of the correct were pure guesses based on the hints in the questions. I did get all of the food related ones....wonder what that means.

Anonymous said...

Only 11 of 15 for me.... I pay attention to the road, not the signs......:-) JDBob