Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Zane Update

Thirteen months old!
Am I superstitious? No.
Am I watching him like a hawk? Yes!

Our wonderful little Mr. Mischief (thanks Auntie S for the t-shirt btw) is into EVERYTHING, most often has either a ball or a stick or both in his hands and loves to rearrange furniture so he can climb higher and higher.

Good thing I'm watching him like a high flying bird, eh?

And ooh, ick, he's found his eyelashes and LOVES to touch them. It looks like he's playing with is eyeball and that just plain grosses me out. No I don't and won't ever wear contacts...

Yesterday he had his 12 (ok, 13) month check up.
He's 21 # and 10.5 oz
30.5 inches tall
and his head circumference is 46.5 cm

All average. Good thing he's above average in being cute and climbing on things!

He got a blood stick to his finger to check his lead level and hemoglobin, it took a while to start bleeding and then there was blood everywhere. (I get my propensity for exaggeration from my mother...) Quite wiggly and he'd rather not have a band aid on his finger, thank you very much, he pulled 4 off before we just decided he was almost done bleeding and that he was just bleeding on ME.

He also had a TB test, it took three sticks to get it under the skin in the right place. Did I mention he's wiggly? I'll have to call back on Wed to report it the injection site has a bubble or not.

Then there were his immunizations. Three more sticks in total. And three more band aids, but since these were on his chubby legs and I quickly covered them with his pants. And THANK GOD I found his immunization records -- only took me about 8 hours, staying up late last night and annoying Frank, but I finally found it about an hour before we had to leave this morning. I KNEW I'd put it in a safe place, but I didn't know HOW safe! I have now made multiple copies and will put them in various places around the house.

The bright spot of the visit was when the Dr. came in and started talking baby gibberish (sounded like a Slavic language to me) with wild gestures. I said to Zane, "He's speaking your language! How cool is that!" Zane thought he was very, very funny. It made him so comfortable that when the Dr. approached w/ tongue depressor Zane just smiled, mouth tightly shut. Dr. said, "this is where you're supposed to cry and scream so I can see inside your mouth." I tickled him instead and it did the trick.

Good news for me: this Pediatrician that we found (who is the Director of Peds dept.) is leaving Northwestern (read 45 minute drive to downtown) and moving to the hospital in our NEIGHBORHOOD (5-10 minutes away!) to be their Director of Pediatrics. As he puts it, It's a
"community hospital on the north side in an area that needs more pediatric programs and services. They are eager to develop top quality pediatric services, and they've hired me to help get it done."

As as you know, I'm a sucker for a guy who wants to tackle a complex difficult task and also KNOWS he can do a good job. And one that can speak my kid's language! Well, we of course will be staying with him.

Now I just need to work on figuring out and implementing a new food schedule / routine for he is now cleared to eat anything, but only really loves fruit. He also needs to be weaned from the bottle. I'm really going to miss feeding him his bottle!

Yes, this is now what my days consist of and I'm really loving it!

Now the eye candy:

Picture #1:
Chair surfing, it's all the rage. Hey kid, you missed a spot. I really need to have him work on his dusting technique.

Picture #2
Mr. Cheese. Every time he sees a camera he not only squints up the eyes, but but flashes his 6 teeth!

This is his 1st P,B & J sandwich. (I know, gasp! peanut butter. The APA just "unrecommended" their wait until 3 yo rule on nuts/fish/ect. His Dr. also told me yesterday that he never thought it was a wise ruling as there wasn't enough data to support the ban. I LOVE pnb and I'm glad I've got a quick, easy, portable meal I can give him!)

He ate it from the center of the sandwich out. Who says my kid doesn't think outside the box?

Picture #3
And, if you thought he couldn't get cheesier.
<--Observe. Or peanuttier! You can't see what he put into his hair. Needless to say we went right to the bath tub after this meal. Both of us giggling. He's such a happy kid! Next time I'll give him pieces of the sandwich, not the whole thing....live and learn Mommy, live and learn! Have a good day every one!


Chris said...

Has he had the p.b. on the roof of the mouth experience yet? Funnnn pix by the way. Can't wait to see you guys soon!