Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Pictures

Auntie Susan has been in town to visit. We took the Z man on his first adventure on the "L" downtown. We went to the American Girl Store (Susan, not Z wanted to go there, Frank was happy not to be there and would have muttered under his breath the whole time "I'm so glad we have a boy, I'm so glad we have a boy.") How interesting that some of the things you can buy for your American girl are MORE expensive than the stuff you might buy for your real live child!

We also went to Frank's new office and had lunch with Daddy downtown, underground that it, we ate at a restaurant in the aforementioned Pedway. (we too got lost in said Pedway before finding Frank's office--the signage is not great and since it's underground you can't use the lake as a reference point)

Here he is all bundled up on the brown line train:

And playing w/ Susan's sunglasses. (This was on the way back, notice the happier expression, we let him take his hat off!)

The next day, we took the Z man to have professional year one pictures made.
To do so we had to get in the car and drive to the northern burb's of "Chicagoland".

Aside: "Chicagoland" is a term that I find intriguing and annoying at the same time--they don't call Atlanta "Atlantaland".

Our destination was Portrait Innovations found in the land of planned communities that look a lot like the movie set of Pleasantville, were it to be filmed today. I've had great previous experiences with PI in Atlantaland (nope, it just doesn't work). Needless to say that while the photographer was a bit odd, he did get some good shots.

Here's my boy, ok, OUR boy, at one year old:

Notice the toothy grin? Finally has a total of 6 teeth. Three of which have come in during the last two weeks.

Thanks for ooggling!


Chris said...

I think I may have a picture of Frank wearing an outfit similar to the one in the lower PI picture. I will look and send it to you guys if I find it. Hope all is well and hope Zane has a wonderful birthday!! We look forward to seeing you soon and reading a little Dr. Z with our little Z.
-Uncle Chris & Aunt Suzy.

Anonymous said...

What about the public relations term "Hot-lanta"? Is that less annoying than "Chicagoland"?
Love the pictures, thanks.

Sarah-Ji said...

Those photos are adorable!! The camera just LOVES him.

And as for the American Girl store, I went there once w/ my friend Pete, and I don't think I'm ever going to take Cadence there. SCARY. Yes, it's a struggle to raise a girl to be strong and to have her own voice.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice photo's!!!! He will look good with a Green Tractor also!!! JDBOB

The Minority Leader said...

Hey, meant to tell you guys earlier that I thought Zane picked a great date to have a birthday! It's a day destined to be celebrated during Holy Week -- it seems like the date falls during Easter week every other year! Happy spring, even if Chi-town hasn't figured out it's time to change seasons!

(Oh, I almost forgot -- I know there are only two seasons in Chicago. Winter and construction.)

Alisa PPP said...

These are such great pictures of Z. He is getting so big. I hope he had a great birthday. I was going to sent a card but thought that wouldn't be appropriate. I am so happy for you alll. You look so happy together. I am so glad I be apart of your family( more like a silent partner but heh). I think about you guys all the time and miss you all soo very much. I remeber all the good times we had together. ALl the great food and the people I got to meet. I love you all and give big Z A big smoooch for his birthday kay!!!