Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hot Chocolate and Expensive Internet Connections

So, I'm sitting in a nearby Starbucks, having spent a fortune on hot chocolate and and internet connection (what a racket!). But I've been going CRAZY not checking email since last Friday (it's only Tuesday, so it must be some kind of modern disease.) Frank went to the library yesterday and checked up on things. He tried to go again today, but it is Lincoln's birthday, so it's closed. Phone in home is yet to be hooked up, but we did get the DSL package of stuff delivered last Friday. Soon....

Yes, we are here, have been since Friday. Today it is snowing. Lake Effects Snow Advisory until midnight--something about 1-2 inches per hour in the "lake effects bands" whatever. it's pretty and only mildly troublesome as you are driving. As a bonus it gives some traction on the six inch ice ruts in the parking area behind our new home. I think we already have 5 inches on top of the 6-7 of ice in our parking area. (Yesterday we had to push the car to get it out of an ice rut in the alley...)

Seems it may be Saturday at the earliest before we have phone/DSL. ugh. I knew I relied upon this a lot, but w/o TV either I'm feeling completely out of the loop! Hopefully by this Saturday we'll have service that we can use w/o having to find a place to hook up. There's a debate between the builder/ developer and Frank as to whether or not ATT will do the inside hook up or if he needs to call his electrician. Being the second of four to move into the building, there are still bugs being worked out.

We are in, but still in shambles. Zane's room is 95% done minus pictures to be hung on the wall. The washing machine arrives on Thursday. Yippee! I think we'll make it until then. Seriously, all the basics are covered. We have heat. We have electric. We have hot water. I can make a meal and take a shower. I have very little to complain about other than "stuff" is highly overrated. It's expensive to move and then you have to find a place to put it. I hope I remember this months (instead of days) ahead of the next time we move.

Miracle of miracles we managed to get a Dr.'s appointment for the boy very quickly. Upon recommendation of our real estate attorney who has three small girls under the age of 6, we are going to a Dr. at North Western which is located down town. Evidently the real estate attorney's children were in there today too. According the the Dr. Zane's ear infection continues to "improve", but he now also has a common cold. He's hacking away and his babbling is hoarse. poor kid. He lunged to play with another kid at the Dr.'s office. I will find a play group soon.

Thank you to all who are thinking about us and sending warm thoughts our way!