Saturday, February 16, 2008

Getting settled in

Move + 1 week, and we finally have phone and internet. Ahhhh. We're not close to being moved in yet, but there has been progress. I'm hanging additional shelves in the Rev.'s closet (her closet has the most space in the house but had the shortest shelf and bar installed) so by the end of the day we can probably break down the rest of the wardrobe boxes. Our goal for this weekend is to get our closets and bathroom done.

Yesterday we got a view of the deep underbelly of Chicago bureaucracy - we went to get new driver's licenses and new tags for the Rev.'s car (mine is for sale). What an experience. Getting the plates required two forms to be filled out and going through three separate lines. Part of the process is handled by the Departement of Revenue and part is handled by the Secretary of State. At least it was all in one building.

The driver's license process was longer and more annoying. First you have to check in to see what sort of services you require and you're issued a ticket with a letter and number, then you sit and wait until your number is called. The Rev. was called right away; I had to wait another 30 minutes to be called, even though my number was only one greater than hers. After that ordeal, we had to pay, which was another line.

Then we had to get in line to take a written test (even though we had licenses from another state). And I do mean written - paper test, desks, red pens (ONLY!) for making your answers, scowling proctors, the whole nine yards (we had the option to take the test in Polish or Spanish, but we declined). After taking the test, we had to get back in the test line to have the test graded, by hand. We actually got in trouble for talking in line while waiting for our grades. After getting our grades, we got in another line, that as far as I can tell had no purpose other than to get us to the final line where our pictures were taken. The whole ordeal took about 1 1/2 hours. The boy behaved admirably the whole time.

And after all that, we had to go to another office to buy a Chicago vehicle sticker (a privilege of living in the city). Unlike the license bureau, they didn't take out of state checks, but took all credit cards.

There are still little irritations with the condo here and there. ComEd hung a sign on the front gate yesterday threatening to cut off the power next month because the electrical contractor didn't make the appropriate sacred incantations. Of course the developer claimed there was no problem and would get right on it. Meanwhile, we're still waiting for punchlist items to be completed.

Well, back to work.