Thursday, March 31, 2005

Round 4

The fourth day of round four is now done.
Four of four, something poetic there, but I'll spare you.
Only one more day of EP. Then day 8 and 15 or B and it's done!
True to form, this round is harder on Frank's system. The "seal was broken" last night. In other words Frank will not be getting a certificate for keeping his stomach from turning inside out. On the good side, once he prayed to the porcelain god he did feel better.
What was life like before cancer?
My mom was here at the beginning of the week and did chemo chair duty for me so I was able to spend two mornings in the office getting some work for an upcoming meeting accomplished. Last week Frank's dad (recently retired) was here to help his mom (still teaching school) know that he's doing ok. We appreciate their presence.
The dog begs to be fed and I need to not spend time hunched over this computer.


Andrew Molenda said...

Congrats! I'm really impressed that Frank has made it so far without vomiting. I think I did as early as the first round, but the drugs they have keep getting better.

Just remember it's a slow road back and not to push yourself too much for the first month or so after chemo.