Tuesday, March 15, 2005

good news

Frank's AFP tumor marker, which at the begining of chemo was above 11K, is now 36.6.
I'm trying to think of a visual ways to represent the difference between 11,000 and 36. Any thoughts?
That's the good news.
The bad news is that a cold has finally taken hold of Frank's head and chest. And he's borderline anemic, not "normal" but not bad enough to get the Aranesp boost. So, with side effects of this week's Neulasta, a head cold AND feeling "drained" from anemia, his patience (with himself) is being tried. It is so very good that he generally has a good attitude about all of this.
I hope the ides of March have been good to you all.
And do the Cialis commercials gross anyone else out? I mean come on, really, who wants to think about grandparents getting it on? Let alone see it. It begs the comment, "Get a room!"


SueBec said...


(In that order)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great news! Visualize it this way: driving 55 mph nonstop, it would take 200 hours to drive 11,000 miles -- or 39 minutes to drive 36 miles. Amazing! Yay, Frank! -- Dana in Tucker, GA

Andrew Molenda said...

Awesome news on the AFP counts. I hope Frank's anemia doesn't get too bad. Keep an eye on the symptoms and push them for the shot to avoid transfusions.

The other preacher's wife said...

To visualize the difference in numbers, make sure you have a penny and then take $110.35 to the bank to get 11,035 more pennies. Once you're home, you can take 35 pennies from the 11,035 to add to the one you started with, and you can see and feel the difference. Or, if you REALLY want to feel the difference, count the 11,000 pennies to split the 11,000 into two parts.