Wednesday, January 30, 2008

in my own little world

Knee deep in boxes, tangled in tape, wondering which box Zane will climb on top of next. These are the things that are dominating my thoughts.

Then I see this headline:

Tribe all but vanishes from Kenyan city

a blurb:
"KISUMU, Kenya - The young man hefting a machete at the burning roadblock was frustrated. He'd been looking for five days, but could not find a member of the Kikuyu tribe to kill."

I've been aware, even personally connected through my friend Andy who writes at Enter the Rainbow, of the atrocities in Kenya. But the image that was painted by reading this little bit of the story took my breath away. This level of violence seems so removed from my experience, it is sobering to realize only a few steps are between me and that kind of chaos.

This story reminded me of how so very often the things directly in front of our face are the ONLY things we can see. We are holed up in our own little worlds and while that can feel safe and warm (even in the middle of freak windstorms and super cold temperatures) it is not the best place to be.

When I we loose sight of so many other tragic things a part of my connection to the whole is lost. A part of me is lost. So I hope that in the next few days while my head will certainly be turned in the direction of the things that effect me most, I hope I can remember to be aware of others outside my immediate sphere of influences and at the very least say a prayer. Can you say one too?