Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Farewell, Andrew

Andrew Molenda, fellow testicular cancer survivor, died yesterday, after several years of fighting TC and its related complications. He will be remembered fondly and missed terribly by his wife Amy, his children Liam, Alena (Lanie) and Evan, as well as scores of family, friends, and fellow TC survivors. He was 30 years old.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Andrew in person, but in this digital age, we made contact through the internet. We started our blogs at about the same time; mine as I was beginning chemo, his as he was enduring treatment for his relapse that occurred in late 2004. He was an inspiration to me, a never-ending example of the Livestrong philosophy.

As I said in the blog a while back, I feared that Andrew's time with us was limited. Nevertheless, I was saddened to see this weekend that he had entered end of life care, and felt like I had been punched in the stomach when I read this morning about his passing. Like most major life changes, even when you expect it, you never really expect it when it actually happens.

My prayer today is that the Molenda family will continue to Livestrong, and that they will have comfort and peace.


Anonymous said...

I am not a person who prays often but for Andrew I did. It seemed that praying for a cure was just too much to ask for, even from God. My prayer, instead, was for a peaceful release form the grip of this horrible disease. I know that his earthly suffering has ended and hopefully at last he can have eternal peace.

Vinny, I have been worried about you to. Not seeing you post either here or at the tc-forum for several weeks was bothersome. Please stay in touch.


sparklesax said...

I've forwarded your note to Frank (aka Vinny). If he doesn't get back to you soon: things have been really good here, just very busy. We have both dove back into life w/ an occasional Dr's check up here and there. As a pastor, once I was back in full swing it seems that what I've been is doing putting out fires here, starting others there. The business of keeping the people of God on the right track.

Frank's been spending A LOT of time working on his IFR --Instrument Flight Rating -- as a private pilot, signing in the local community choral and being the all around good guy he's always been.

We are so blessed that Frank's case was "textbook" and the outlook is good. We grieve with so many who got strength and inspiration from Andrew. He was so very good to both of us during Frank's treatment.

Grace and Peace,
The Rev (aka Sarah)

Anonymous said...

No explanation is really needed. I know how easily you can be consumed with the everyday affairs of living. I have enough trouble keeping an eye on my own navigational beckon; I can’t even imagine having to do it for an entire ministry. Stay healthy and don’t miss those follow up visits with your doctor.
Bill Moses (dadmo)

Billy Fowler said...


I found come to your blog, via my dear friend Andrew Molenda's blog. Andrew was my friend and boss. His service was this morning and it was a fitting farwell to such a great man. Let us all keep Amy and the family in our prayers.

We liveStrong for Andrew!

Billy Fowler