Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It's over! (For now)

Can't sleep, so might as well blog.

The last day of chemo went so smoothly, it was almost anticlimactic. I drew nurse Julie, who knows how to get things done quickly. She knew she didn't have to wait for lab results to order my Bleo, so not nearly as much down time this time. We were in at 8:30 and out by 10:00. Julie even circulated a special "purple heart" end-of-chemo certificate for all the docs, nurses, and staff to sign. I even got a round of applause from the chemo nurses when I was done. I'm sure Sarah will post pics in the next day or so.

My last hat certainly drew rave reviews. Again, pics are coming. Let me just say that I never thought I would have used the hat I wore in my brother's wedding ever again! Sarah made quite the creation.

The only downer is that I didn't get my Aranesp shot for anemia after all. It wasn't enough (for the insurance folks, I'm guessing) that my hemoglobin was below 10 and my hematocrit below 28% - they had to test something else called serum EPO (erythropoietin), and it wasn't low enough (i.e., below 500 ). I think it's because Aranesp is very similar to EPO, which is what stimluates red blood cell growth. So long story short (too late, I know), my body seems to be returning to the point where it can produce RBC on its own. Since my anemia is generally connected with cisplatin chemotherapy, and I'm two weeks out from my last dose of cisplatin, no Aranesp. Oh, well.

Now the waiting game begins. My CT scan is scheduled for next Tuesday, at which time a decision will probably be made (in consultation with IU) regarding surgery and surgery scheduled (4-6 weeks out) if necessary.

Meanwhile, I'll return slowly to normal, probably just in time to have surgery and start the recovery process all over again. Ain't life grand?


mary l marrera said...

regarding your last statement about have surgery and recoving all over again....YOU ARE GOING TO BE JUST FINE...look how far you have come...NEVER NEVER, give up!!!Keep you in our thoughts and prayers.......Mary Lou

Anonymous said...

Life is grand, and don't you forget it!

Anonymous said...

go team blood production, rock 'n roll!

::happy end of chemo dance and high fives::


mary l marrera said...

HI again....Frankie can you mail this whole bio of yourself to Carla, dont know if you remember her, but is a close friend of your mom and dad, her husband Abe has cancer of the colon and is very interested in your story, he will have surgery sometime this week or next....thanks, her e address is cozyart@yahoo.com

Andrew Molenda said...

Congrats! Enjoy the chemo-free world. Just don't push yourself too hard.