Thursday, November 08, 2007

Making readers smarter since 2005!

Hat tip to The Rev. for digging up this gem:

Yay for us! Granted, this tester isn't that sophisticated (the Rev. found something on how it works but I can't place my grimy paws on it). So I ran the blog through some more comprehensive tests at and got these results:

Kincaid: 4.7
ARI: 4.4
Coleman-Liau: 8.0
Flesch Index: 85.9
Fog Index: 7.6
Lix: 29.3 = below school year 5
SMOG-Grading: 7.6

These results are very different (ranging somewhere between 4th and 8th grade level). You can get more info about the underlying algorithms here. Then I ran it through Juicystudio's tests and got these results:

Gunning Fog Index 15.83
Flesch Reading Ease 16.35
Flesch-Kincaid Grade 12.00

Since only recent posts are displayed when you call up the main URL of the blog, it's hard to get an overall score for the entire blog (when I tested the archives, the scores varied wildly from month-to-month). Faced with such inconsistent results, I'll just stick with the original "genius" moniker - it sounds cooler anyway. And I'm a firm believer of osmosis learning and intelligence, so you, gentle readers, should feel smarter too!


mom said...

Did you consider this makes your blog more difficult to read than the average blog reader therefore perhaps inaccessible to the masses?

Vinny said...

Nah! The way I see it, a rising tide lifts all boats!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is/was associated with the Seed and Feed Marching Abominable has got to be smarter than the average bare.

Steve And Rob

Anonymous said...

Oh my good gravy you are a huge nerd! I knew you fit in with our family well!


Anonymous said...

Oh my good gravy you are a huge NERD! I knew you were a good fit with our family!