Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Up In the Air

Ok, so yall know Vinny's a pilot.

Pilots are (can be) ubergeeks. (Is in this case)

They are (can be) spoused to closet ubergeeks. (Again, is in this case, but I will feign any knowledge if I have to think too much about it.)

Vinny's inlaws are currently in route to a long awaited vacation in California. And they, being the most direct progenitors of Vinny's spouse, also have ubergeekness to them. Seeing as how Mom excitedly called to let me know they'd arrived at the airport this morning, they will get a kick out of the following picture from this nifty little site called Flight Aware. It will let them know I care. :-)

You type in the tail number of a plane that's flying IFR, or the flight number of a commercial flight and (for free!--cheap ubergeeks unite!) you get real time flight tracking. Currently my mom and dad have an estimated 2 hours and 36 minutes and 572 miles down; 1160 miles to go on their flight.

Here's a screen shot:

Looks like they are almost done with Kansas, driving or flying, it is still a very wide, flat state. Maybe they'll get a clear view of the Rockies in the near future?

You can also see that there's a bit of weather down at the Texas/LA border on the gulf, looks like clear skies for their flight though.

Super cool web site.

Look out California, here they come!

The Rev.