Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Yet another boring follow-up visit

Had a CT done yesterday along with blood draws. BORING! About the most excitement I had was when being examined by Dr. V: he brought in a nursing student to see if she would notice my supernumerary nipple. So add that to my list of party tricks (although this one isn't cancer related).

We talked a little bit about the Raynaud's I'm experiencing, but that's about it. Anything he might prescribe to help would make me loopy and would be verboten as far as the FAA is concerned, so I decided to pass. We'll see if I acclimate to the cold temperatures at all. It's freakin' cold today - it's 7 degrees this morning, with a chance for us to make 18 by the evening. I bought a new pair of insulated gloves yesterday to see if that would help.

I neglected to bring in a hat - I have a Santa cap with battery-operated Christmas lights that would have been perfect for the occasion. Fortunately, the phlebotomists in the lab lent me a set of reindeer ears with bells. When Dr. V. was doing his exam I shook my head and said, "You're making my bells jingle!" He decided to bring in Nurse Gay to document any further harassment I might initiate.


Anonymous said...

Well? Did She? Did she notice it?

Andy B. said...

Yeah, really. Way to leave us hanging ...